Christmas Shipping 2019

Last Order Dates and Christmas Closure 2019

The last order days for the UK are 15th November for tactical gear, 29th November for everything else.
The last order days for the Rest Of The World are 11th November for tactical gear, 25th November for everything else.

Any orders placed before these dates will be shipped before the last recommended posting date as set by Royal Mail (our postal service). We’ll do our best to get as many orders shipped before the holidays as we can (especially those placed before December), but please remember that everything is hand-made by us, when your order is placed. If you are ordering a combination of things use the longest lead time- we do not part ship. If the deadline for your country has passed, still feel free to drop us an email and we can see if we can get your order out in time. N.B. We are trying to get our lead times as low as possible- these dates are to account for the worse case scenarios.

All of our sewn tactical equipment is hand made by myself, and therefore it takes some time for orders to get processed. All of our 3D printed orders must be printed by our machines, then processed by us before being shipped out. We do not carry stock of these items- that is not how our business model works, which is how we are able to offer full customisation on everything and keep our prices low. Therefore if you are looking at buying any of our items for Christmas please plan ahead. Every year we get people emailing us two days before Christmas, assuming that we are like Amazon with a warehouse full of products ready to go at the drop of a hat. We’re not, everything is personally made for you. We don’t want anyone’s Christmas to be ruined by presents not turning up on time, so please order early, and if you’re not sure drop us an email and we’ll do what we can to help you.

Blastersmiths UK Ltd will be closed for a Christmas Break from 1200 on December 20th until 0900 Monday 6th January 2020. Any orders placed in this time will be treated as having been placed on the 6th January for lead times purposes. Any orders placed before the break but not dispatched will have their lead times paused whilst we are closed, then resumed when we open again. There will be no email or Facebook replies during this period- this is our chance to have a break and catch a breather. We love you guys and all your enthusiasm, and this break means that we can come back fully charged for a glorious 2020 :D

Thanks to everyone for their support and custom over the years, and we hope everyone has a happy holiday!