Lead Times

All our stuff is made to order here in the UK, with the exception of our springs and stock of Make Test Battle Motors. That means you might have to wait a little while for your stuff to be made up before we ship it. On the bright side, if you have a specific request we can accommodate it in the build process. Just email us and we'll do what we can to make it happen.

Spring & motors lead times:

The springs and motors we stock are held here in the workshop and so, provided they're the sole item on the order, they will be dispatched within 3 working days by your chosen shipping method. Where there is a mixed order, the longer of the two lead times will apply.

Tactical gear lead times:

The standard lead time for all fabric items is currently EIGHT TO TEN calendar weeks until dispatch. This is an upper estimate but it gives us time to ensure everything's dandy before we ship out. We will always endeavour to make things as soon as possible but during busy period we can't guarantee it. Tactical equipment orders cannot be fast tracked using priority dispatch.

Printed stuff and other stuff lead times:

Our printers make our stuff to order and so the lead time is currently FOUR calendar weeks before dispatch. Much the same as the Tactical Gear lead time, this is an upper estimate. Again, the longer of the two lead times applies in the case of a composite order.

Shorter lead times:

If you've got an event, or just a burning need to get your gear, we can shorten the lead time in 2 ways:

1 - Discretionary

Email us and let us know if you've got an event and you'd like your items sooner then just email us and explain. We prefer exact dates rather than 'I'd like my kit now, plz!'. If our Production team thinks they can squeeze you in, we'll let you know and organise things. As the title suggests, this is at the discretion of our Production team and there is no binding guarantee here. We'll let you know before we start making your order and if you decide you don't want to proceed, you're entitled to a full refund.

2 - Statutory

Place 'Priority Dispatch' in your basket. It is priced on the page and will guarantee your order leaves the workshop within half the lead time stated above. If you get a 404 message when attempting to access the page that means we've disabled the option for the time being due to high order volume. This service cannot be used for sewn tactical gear (holsters, magazine pouches etc). Since we are charging you for this service, we are legally bound to oblige and failure to do so will allow you to seek a refund for the priority dispatch service either through us or PayPal. Remember, we're a UK company bound by UK and EU trading laws.

A couple of exclusions and notes apply:
1 - Priority Dispatch cannot be used for orders over £100 or orders containing sewn tactical equipment
2 - It cannot be used for BSUK MOLLE Assault Vests or anything with embroidery - they're simply too big to allow us to work in that time frame
3 - If we honestly feel like we cannot fulfil the Priority Dispatch contract, for whatever reason, we will contact you and refund the amount paid.
4 - If you've read this far then you're an awesome human being. As a thank you for reading and understanding, please send us an email with the subject 'Lead Times Policy' and your order number as the subject. If you state that you've read and understood the leads times policy and are happy with it, we'll send you chocolate (or whatever will meet your dietary requirements) with your order as a thank you. People who take the time to read and appreciate our policies are the best sort of people. Limit 1 per customer..

Final note:

We do reserve the right to alter lead times for larger, more complex orders. If this is the case, you will be advised by email before production begins. You will then need to confirm, by email, that you're happy to proceed - if not, we can offer you a full and immediate refund. This will only, generally, apply to large sewn tactical gear orders.