BritNerf is an independent UK based community Nerfing forum run by adults who should know better. They form the backbone of the UK community and bring together so many talented people that it only seemed fair we work with them in an effort to better promote the UK Nerfing community as a whole.

To that end, we have agreed a free UK mainland shipping discount for all active BritNerfers. It's not enough to sign up to the site, you need to have contributed a bit before you're eligible. If you think you're eligible, enter your BritNerf user name into the coupon code section at checkout and it should knock off your shipping charges. We will then send you a PM through the BritNerf PM system to confirm the order was you and then we'll get to work on it ASAP.

NOTE: This offer is discretionary and may be revoked at any time. It only offers free UK mainland shipping, not international shipping. In the case of a BritNerf user being located overseas, we will come to some arrangement at our discretion after discussing the situation with the user.