About Us


So we're Blastersmiths UK Ltd. We're a new company based in Bristol, UK and we supply Nerf brand compatible after-market components for LARPers, HvZers and other people who should be old enough to know better. We have a our own in-house 3D printing suite for producing blaster accessories, we sewn our own tactical gear and we have all our springs made to our own specs right here in the UK.

We started, I suppose, back in 2010. I was at Bristol Uni and bored. So to troll my Student's Union, I started a Zombie Society. We played a lot of HvZ indoors and learned a lot about Nerf blasters. The society is still going, shambling along as Zombies are wont to do but as founding members we moved on and graduated.

Turns out the Real World™ isn't as fun as University. By this time we had 2 and a half years of Nerf experience and normal jobs didn't look all that fun. Ultimately, we decided that there was a market in Nerf compatible tactical gear and blaster parts and started building stuff. So now we each have a job where playing with children's toys is a must. It's awesome!

Nerf in the UK is a new hobby and we're here to make it easy for people to get into it. Whether you just want to be able to shoot your flatmate from out of range or you're a dedicated Humans vs Zombies player who needs a full set of tactical equipment for your over sized arsenal, we live to meet your needs. If you need it, we can probably build it - most of our stuff is made to order so it's very possible to make changes as we go.

The other thing to remember is we have short and guaranteed lead times unlike some of our competitors. If we say we'll dispatch it in under 2 weeks, it'll be dispatched in under 2 weeks - we'll stake our reputation on it.

If you've any questions, email enquires@blastersmiths.co.uk or contact us over at our Facebook page and we'll do what we can to help.

Have fun,

Managing Director, BSUK