About Us


We're Blastersmiths UK - home of high quality purpose-built Nerf tactical gear and 3D printed accessories. We also sell wiring kits and upgrade springs.

We're a two person (and one dog) company, one of whom holds two jobs, so please bear with us, especially over British public holidays.

We aim to provide high quality products, all made to order here in the UK, so please read our lead times policy.

If you find "made to order" a quaint British phrase, here's what it means: when you order, say, our famous MkIV dropleg holster we start with a pile of buckles, cordura and webbing. Parts need to be cut and sewn together by Iona to make the holster, and this takes time.

Thanks for supporting us, and happy Nerfing!

Steven and Iona (and the dog!)