Quick Release 2 Point Sling - Nerf compatible
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Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd

Quick Release 2 Point Sling - Nerf compatible

Adjusting a sling in the field can be a challenging affair and presents with a number of difficulties. We developed our Quick Release slings in an effort to simplify strap adjustment. Essentially, the sling offers 2 modes: stowed and ready. In the stowed position, the strap is tight and will hold the rifle tight across the back or chest. Release a single buckle near one of the blaster attachment points and the sling reverts to full length for patrol carry or battle readiness. This strap is 25mm wide but a wider, 50mm, version can be purchased by special request from our Sales team.

Ideal for LARPers and other Nerfers who spend extensive periods outside of battle condition but need to have their gear close to hand just in case.

Lead times:
This product is hand made to order here in our workshop by our expert artisans and as such is subject to our lead times policy. Please see here for full details.

NOTE: Listing is for the sling only, accessories and blasters are available separately.

Additional information:
Our fitting guide is located here
An In-depth look over at our development blog

Item is not a toy, unsuitable for use by persons under the age of 14


£6.50 GBP