Complete Stryfe 180 Conversion Bundle
Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd
Material 3D Printed PLA
After Market Motor Compatibility MTB Rhino, MTB Honey Badger, MTB Hellcat, MTB Wolverine, XP180, FK-180-3240

Complete Stryfe 180 Conversion Bundle

A complete bundle that contains all you need to upgrade your Stryfe to 180 motors. This package contains all the wiring and printed components you need to carry a decent battery, fit 180 motors and remove all parasitic resistance from the circuitry to unleash the beast within at less than the price of buying each component separately. The wiring loom provided is our new 3S compatible high powered MOSFET variant designed to handle enough the highest stall currents from MTB 180 Hellcat motors. If you'd prefer the older iteration with micro-switch for whatever reason (soldering simplicity, mostly) then please contact us and we'll swap out the kit.

Kit contains:
1 x Stryfe Tray Expander - 20mm Internal Depth
1 x High Power Stryfe Wiring and Switch Upgrade Kit
1 x Stryfe 180 Motor Cover

Fitting guides and notes can be found within each individual item listing.

Price is for a single 180 bundle in your chosen colour only, blasters, magazines and accessories are available separately. Please refer to individual listings for contents of each bundle item.

Lead times: This product is produced in house to order and as such takes a little time to make. Our fantastic 3D printing robots (because lets be honest, that's what they are!) are fast but during busy times things can stack up and it can take a little while to process. Full details can be found here.

NOTE: All blasters are modified at your own risk. Modified dart blasters are not toys and upgrades should not be purchased by those under the age of 16. Blastersmiths UK Ltd does not accept any liability for damage or reduction in lifespan of your blaster. Blastersmiths UK Ltd also does not accept liability for any injury caused during or after modifying your Nerf blaster. It is the end user's responsibility to use a modified blaster appropriately and safely - eye protection is strongly recommended when using any modified blaster. Purchase and use of one of these items is taken as acceptance of these terms.

Item is not a toy, unsuitable for use by persons under the age of 14


Battery Connector
£16.00 GBP
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