Semi-auto Blaster Wiring Loom Kit: High Power MOSFET
Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd
Blaster Compatiblity Stryfe, Rayven (all variants), Demolisher, Modulus, Desolator
After Market Motor Compatibility MTB Rhino, MTB Honey Badger, MTB Hellcat, MTB Wolverine, XP180, FK-180-3240

Semi-auto Blaster Wiring Loom Kit: High Power MOSFET

This wiring kit contains the necessary MOSFET, 16AWG wire and supporting components to allow you to safely run a high powered set of motors like MTB Hellcats in your semi-automatic flywheel Nerf blaster. It retains the stock switch and removes high current components from the trigger group by replacing the normal micro-switch with a correctly rated MOSFET. Choose your blaster from the list below and we'll supply a kit that fits. The wiring diagram is the same for all of these blasters, the only difference is the length of the pre-cut wires.

With the advent of MTB Hellcats, standard rated wiring looms and switches don't really cut it any more. With each motor pulling 22A at stall, your Rayven, Stryfe, Modulus, Desolator or Demolisher is going to need something more than the standard 18AWG wire and 10A switch.

Additional information:

Demolisher fitting guide from FDS (principle is the same for all others)
Wiring diagram

Battery and motor combinations:
Suitable battery and motor combinations can be found in this chart here.

Recommended battery charger:
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Lead times: This product is produced in house to order and as such takes a little time to make. We do keep a small stock of pre-cut kits but during peak times it might take a couple of days to catch up. Full details can be found here.

NOTE: All blasters are modified at your own risk. Modified dart blasters are not toys and upgrades should not be purchased by those under the age of 16. Blastersmiths UK Ltd does not accept any liability for damage or reduction in lifespan of your blaster. Blastersmiths UK Ltd also does not accept liability for any injury caused during or after modifying your Nerf blaster. It is the end user's responsibility to use a modified blaster appropriately and safely - eye protection is strongly recommended when using any modified blaster. Purchase and use of one of these items is taken as acceptance of these terms.


Battery Connector
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