Stryfe 180 Motor Cover V2
Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd
Made from 3D Printed PLA

Stryfe 180 Motor Cover V2

A refactored, glue on motor cover for 132 and 180 sized motors for the Nerf Stryfe. Printed in our usual PLA using a 1mm extrusion nozzle, these covers are just as tough as our tray expanders. This cover adds 5mm of extra internal room and covers motor end bells protecting your wiring from mechanical damage during play. The vent holes promote airflow but for maximum protection, it's recommended to add an aluminium mesh to the inside. High resolution photos can be found here.

Lead times: This product is produced in house to order and as such takes a little time to make. Our fantastic 3D printing robots (because lets be honest, that's what they are!) are fast but during busy times things can stack up and it can take a little while to process. Full details can be found here.


£5.00 GBP
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