Short MOLLE Attachment Bars (MABs)
Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd
Material 3D Printed PLA

Short MOLLE Attachment Bars (MABs)

Short, 2 strap span MOLLE Attachment Bars for attaching MOLLE kit to other MOLLE kit Whether it's to replace or add extra security, this 4 pack of bars is as versatile as the MOLLE system as itself. However, these bars will not function as belt loops as the longer 3 strap span MABs can.

Available in a variety of colours

Lead times: This product is produced in house to order and as such takes a little time to make. Our fantastic 3D printing robots (because lets be honest, that's what they are!) are fast but during busy times things can stack up and it can take a little while to process. Full details can be found here.

An overview of MABs and how they work can be found here


£4.00 GBP
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