SECONDS Rapidstrike 180 Motor Cover Set
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Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd
Material 3D Printed PLA

SECONDS Rapidstrike 180 Motor Cover Set

SECONDS: These parts are all structurally sound. However, due to inclusions or colour faults in the plastic, or warping during printing they haven't managed to pass our quality control checks. They still function perfectly well though. If you are looking to paint your blaster, or want a slightly more 'battered' look for your post-apocalyptic paint mod, or even just want a piece to practise on, then these are perfect.

As these are seconds, there are no colour choices as we will ship out whatever we have available. We also can not offer any refunds, as you are buying them in the knowledge that they are factory seconds. They are however cheaper!

A glue on set of motor cover for your Rapidstrike once you've converted it to 180 motors. Simply glue them both on once you've cut your end bell holes and away you go. The set now includes a cover for your 180 pusher motor. The natural PLA plastic will take most forms of paint once prepared correctly while the vent holes offer air flow and heat exchange during flywheel motor operation. This also comes with a small cover for 180 pusher motors, which you may or may not need.

Lead times: As these are seconds, they have already been printed and are therefore ready to ship straight away. If you buy anything else then the longest lead time for your combined order will apply. Full details can be found here.
£2.50 GBP
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