Picatinny Rail Mounted Torch Holder
Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd
Material 3D Printed PLA

Picatinny Rail Mounted Torch Holder

A 3D printed rail mount for a standard 9 LED Rolson torch to fit our standard Picatinny Rail Adapters. Picatinny is widely found in airsoft and real steel platforms where it offers a uniform secure mounting system for a wide variety of accessories. This item is supplied with or without torch (torch colour supplied at random from either black or silver).

Note: This listing is for 1 torch holder (and torch if that option is selected), rails and other accessories are available separately.

Lead times: This product is produced in house to order and as such takes a little time to make. Our fantastic 3D printing robots (because lets be honest, that's what they are!) are fast but during busy times things can stack up and it can take a little while to process. Full details can be found here.

This rail mount will also accommodate any torch that has a space that is 28mm long and 25mm in diameter. These are exact dimensions, this item was designed to fit exactly the Rolson torches supplied as securely as possible so there is very little room for manoeuvre.

Item is not a toy, unsuitable for use by persons under the age of 14>br>


£5.50 GBP
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