Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd

Jumbo Sized Embroidery (300x180mm) - Upgrade Fee

Go big or go home is one way to live life and our Jumbo Embroidery Upgrade embodies that. Upgrade from our normal 100x100mm sized embroidery (whether it's your own design or one of our stock designs) to a full 300x180mm for a small fee. You'll be able to have your logo truly blaze from your tactical gear. Show off your team logo on our MOLLE Assault Vest or Large Zip Dump Pouch. Be sure to check your item is compatible with Jumbo Embroidery service before buying. It'll state so on the listing if so.

This charge is in addition to any previous tooling you've had done. All previous tooling can be scaled back and forth between 100x100mm and our jumbo 300x180mm.
£6.00 GBP
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