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Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd

Custom Embroidered Logo Tooling

Create your very own, unique tactical gear with our bespoke embroidery service. By adding this item to your basket, you're taking the first step on the road to truly unique tactical equipment.

How does it work, then?

Select the number of thread colours from the roster below or use tooling you've used before. Please drop us an email if you need 4 or more colours and we'll get you a quote. Add one of these items to your basket for each item in your basket you wish to have embroidered. Once you've completed checkout, we'll drop you an email and ask you for your artwork and arrange which items are to be embroidered using which tooling. We'll convert your artwork to CNC embroidery format, send you back a 'proof' to verify colours, text , layout and all sorts of other things. When you're happy, drop us a return email to approve it and we can carry on the process. Its important to note that once it's approved we can proceed to production for you. Remember, that 'proof' stage is the cut off for making sure everything is as you'd like it. Once the 'proof' is approved, an item becomes entirely custom and cannot be returned under the Distance Selling Regulations unless faulty.

It's worthwhile noting that the price of custom tooling (irrespective of the number of thread colours) includes the application fee for the first item. Essentially, if you just want a holster with your logo, pop that holster into your basket along with one of this listing (remember to select your thread number) and holster with your logo on it will arrive in 4-6 weeks depending on your global location and the efficiency of our workshop elves.

Reusing tooling

Already paid for your logo to be put onto one of our items in the past? Well, you need not buy an entire new set of tooling, just select 'Reuse'. Then when you've completed checkout, email us your Tooling Code and details of which item you'd like embroidering. We'll rotate and scale your design to the appropriate size of the item you're looking to customise free of charge.

Don't have a logo you want putting on your gear? Maybe try one of our many stock logos, available from the list here.

A note on size:

The first application of your tooling to a product is included in the price of your tooling. This covers a standard 100x100mm application, if you require a larger version of your logo (up to 300x180mm) to be placed on your product then please add our Jumbo Sized Embroidery application fee to your basket, too. Be sure to check your item is eligible for jumbo sized embroidery before you checkout - it'll be listed on the item's page.


Please note that you must have the legal right to reproduce all artwork you send us. That means either:
  • You created the artwork yourself from your own imagination and creativity; or
  • You have written permission of the person that did; or
  • The artwork is licensed for this use (provide us with a link to the license if that's the case) - Creative Commons licenses are a good one for this; or
  • The artwork is in the public domain as defined by UK law. That means the artist has been dead for 70 years or the author has released it to the public domain. A good example here is any work produced by the US federal government during its functions is automatically public domain
When you approve the 'proof' in writing, you are confirming the conditions laid out above are true. Please note, that because tooling is non-refundable after 'proof', if we subsequently discover that there is a legal problem then we are obliged by law to destroy the tooling and any articles made with it. We can still send you a blank item without embroidery but we cannot refund the price of tooling after the fact. It sucks but the law is the law so we implore you to make sure you send us artwork that complies with the law. Sadly all this means you can't have that awesome Umbrella corporation logo on your holster. If you're unsure, drop us an email and we can clarify. Our team are pretty well versed in copyright law and will be happy to help.

Lead times:

Please note that custom embroidery is not eligible for Priority Dispatch but otherwise lead times are unaffected. We've built in plenty of slack to the process to make sure of that.

Additional Information:



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