Future's End Faction Tooling
Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd
Licensed from Future's End Events

Future's End Faction Tooling

Future's End is an alternative universe science fiction LARP where super-heroes are real. Players take part as either a member of the loose Alpha faction of independent superheroes or as part of the government sponsored Project Omega.

Future's End Events have been kind enough to license their logos for embroidery on our tactical gear. This listing is for the application charge for one of the faction logos to an item of tactical equipment in your inventory. This listing is for up to 100x100mm size logos, for larger logos (up to 300x180mm depending on aspect ratio) place this upgrade charge in your basket, too. We'll email you after the fact to verify everything and our usual lead times policy applies.

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for tooling to be applied to tactical equipment of choice. It is NOT a listing for a patch with the appropriate logo on it. We don't offer a patch service at this time as there are far better equipped outfits in the world than ours. Our machines are geared to adding logos to our own process, not offering individual morale patches. This may change in the future as we develop but right now, it's just adding logos to your kit. If you purchase tooling without tac gear, we will contact you to arrange a refund.

Future's End faction logos are (c) Future's End Events and are reproduced under license


£4.00 GBP
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