Artefact Red Stryfe/RS Cage
Manufacturer Artefact
Made from CNC Milled Aluminium

Artefact Red Stryfe/RS Cage

A replacement flywheel cage for your Rapidstrike and Stryfe. Anodised aluminium construction cuts noise and improves dart consistency. This cage is the parallel axis cage and is compatible with stock,Worker and Artefact flyhwheels. See our other listings for Worker wheels. A little grinding may be necessary to get a snug fit in the Rapidstrike.

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Package contents: 1x Red Anodised Flywheel Cage for RS/Stryfe, 4x M2 screws for motor mounting. NB: You may need thread lock to stop your motors shaking themselves loose.

Additional Information:
Fitting Video

Item is not a toy, unsuitable for persons aged 16 or under

£30.00 GBP
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