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Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd

Stock Embroidery Tooling

Not got your own logo or just want something a little bit more basic to go on your kit? Well, we have a range of low cost, distinctive designs ready and waiting to be put onto any of our sewn tactical equipment. Select your logo from the list below and add it to your basket. If you'd like multiple items in your basket embroidering, please add 1 Stock Embroidery Tooling listing per item. We'll email you once you've placed the order to confirm which items want to be embroidered with what logo.

Each design uses its stock colours but if you'd like us to swap one colour for another (say orange for yellow), then just drop us an email after the fact. The full colour chart of threads available to use is available below under 'additional information'. Note, only straight swaps are possible at this stage - anything more complex will require you to purchase custom tooling.

A note on flags: National flags were quite a common request when we were setting up our embroidery service so we've tooled up a bunch of our most common client countries. We've tried to respect flag etiquette where we can so we have left out some countries deliberately. If your country's not represented, drop us an email and we'll arrange to add them to the list for you and get your flag on your gear. Additionally, if there are local legal problems, we'll let you know - some nations don't allow their flags to be used on commercial products, for example. :)

A note on size:

The application of our stock tooling to a product is included in the price of your tooling. This covers a standard 100x100mm application, if you require a larger version of your logo (up to 300x180mm) to be placed on your product then please add our Jumbo Sized Embroidery application charge to your basket, too. Be sure to check your item is eligible for jumbo sized embroidery before you checkout - it'll be listed on the item's page.

Additional Information
Full thread colour chart (external, PDF)


£4.00 GBP
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