Stampede Wiring Upgrade Kit - Version 3
Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd

Stampede Wiring Upgrade Kit - Version 3

The Stampede was the first fully automatic electrical Nerf blaster produced by Hasbro back in 2010. This new and improved upgrade kit provides a simplified installation experience with a barebones PCB at its core. The end goal is to eliminate parasitic resistance, provide a higher rate of fire and a faster trigger response time. We provide a complete modification guide below to assist with installing this kit. This kit now includes a fuse system to protect your motor from over-discharge from high current power packs in the event of a cycle failure.

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Kit contains:
6kg main Spring
BSUK Stampede Board v3.1
All necessary through hole components to populate the PCB
Plug and go JST cables to make switch attachment nice and simple

Installation Guide:
Click here (PDF, 40MiB)
Batteries and Voltage Monitoring:
This kit is not supplied with an appropriate battery pack, battery charger or voltage monitoring system - these all must be purchased separately from outside retailers. Below is a list of recommended battery configurations and their appropriate chargers as recommended by us. Other battery types (except LiPo) are not directly supported by Blastersmiths UK. All recommended batteries require the XT60 battery connector.

Stable LiFe chemistry configuration: Battery | Alarm system

Recommended battery charger:
The IMAX B6 is our recommended battery charger, buy it once and you'll be able to charge all our recommended batteries, car batteries, household rechargeables and more!. Purchased from an external retailer, the links can be found here: Charger & Power Supply

Additional Information:
Wiring Diagram
Relay pin diagram

NOTE: All blasters are modified at your own risk. Modified dart blasters are not toys and upgrades should not be purchased by those under the age of 16. Blastersmiths UK Ltd does not accept any liability for damage or reduction in lifespan of your blaster. Blastersmiths UK Ltd also does not accept liability for any injury caused during or after modifying your Nerf blaster. It is the end user's responsibility to use a modified blaster appropriately and safely - eye protection is strongly recommended when using any modified blaster. Purchase and use of one of these items is taken as acceptance of these terms.


Battery Connector
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