MTB Hellcat 180 Motor
Manufacturer Make Test Battle
Blaster Compatiblity Stryfe, Rapidstrike, Rayven, Demolisher, Incisor, Fearless Fire, Barricade, Modulus, Rapid Red, Hyperfire & more
Motor Use 2S Pusher, 2S Flywheel, 3S Pusher, 3S Flywheel

MTB Hellcat 180 Motor

A 3S high powered 180 form factor motor upgrade for flywheel blasters. MTB Hellcats represent the highest torque, made for Nerf applications motor on the market at present. These motors are slightly longer than the stock 130 motors so will require shell cutting and a motor cover to match. Current requirement is 22A per motor at stall.

Please note: It is recommended that you test each motor upon arrival to ensure it works. Apply a voltage to the terminals of the motor to ensure they turn before you start soldering them. We cannot offer refunds for faulty motors once they have been installed into a blaster or otherwise soldered.

Battery options:This handy chart is great to help you select the right battery for your intended blaster. Just look up your blaster and find the 'Hellcat' motor section and there will be a link to the recommended battery under the 'Battery Config' column. :)

Chronograph data:
This list offers a sample of performance data for 3S LiPo and MTB Hellcat motor pairings in various blasters. The set up of each assumes stock flywheels in all cases.

We recommend one of our many high power electrical upgrade kits be installed with these motors to provide optimum performance and to minimise parasitic resistance and concomitant performance loss.

Item is not a toy, unsuitable for use by persons under the age of 14


Pack Size
£10.00 GBP