25mm Velcro Hook Tape Embroidered Name Tape
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Manufacturer Blastersmiths UK Ltd
Made from Hook Tape & Viscose Thread

25mm Velcro Hook Tape Embroidered Name Tape

Got a patch of Velcro loop tape (the fuzzy side of Velcro) that needs filling up with your unique motif or name? Well, these hook side only tapes will stick right on there and stand out from the crowd. Available in a range of colours, these tapes can take up to 16 characters in a range of fonts. Please note, this only includes the hook tape component of the Velcro. If you require both sides of the Velcro then head over here and see our listing for both sides.

16 characters maximum, these tapes are variable width so please allow 30mm + 10mm per character for size. The tapes are all 25mm high. Please note that all tapes in a pack must have the same text on them, if you'd like different text on each then please purchase appropriately.

We have a font card here. When we ask for the text for your tapes, please specify the font you require. If you don't, we'll assume you want and send you that.


Strap Colour
Tapes Pack Size
£2.50 GBP
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